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How we work is just as important as the work we do. Through our joint values and principles, we strive to do whatever it takes to help our customers succeed.

ClarusONE Values

McKesson's ICARE shared principles unite all employees, and these  values are the foundation of McKesson’s reputation as a trusted organization that goes the extra mile. This shared commitment to  ICARE makes McKesson stand out above other healthcare companies.

Culture is a fundamental ingredient of Walmart's success. It’s how Walmart delivers superior customer service, creates a great front line work environment and improves performance to achieve a common purpose of saving people money so they can live better.  Each of the four values, when practised daily by every employee, can help deliver business results.





  • Act with Integrity

Honest – Tell the truth, keep your promises and be trustworthy
Fair – Do right by others; be open and transparent
Courageous – Speak up, ask for help, make tough calls and say no when appropriate

  • Service to the Customer

Customer First – Listen to, anticipate and serve customer wants and needs

Frontline Focused – Support and empower associates
to serve customer everyday
Innovative and Agile – Be creative, take smart risks and move with speed

  • Respect for the Individual

Listen – Be visible and available; collaborate with others and be open to feedback
Lead by Example – Be humble, teach and trust others to do their jobs; give honest and direct feedback
Inclusive – Seek and embrace differences in people, ideas, and experiences

  • Strive for Excellence

​High performance – Set and achieve aggressive goals
Accountable – Take ownership, celebrate successes and be responsible for results
Strategic – Make clear choices, anticipate changing conditions and plan for the future


  • Integrity
    We strive to make decisions, both big and small, with a focus on what is ethically right.

  • Customer First
    Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and our success comes from their success.

  • Accountability
    We make personal commitments – to our customers, vendors and colleagues – and hold ourselves accountable for keeping those promises.

  • Respect
    We treat each other, our customers and our vendors with dignity, consideration and open-mindedness.

  • Excellence
    We go beyond expectations for our customers and each other.

ClarusONE Shared Values

  • Integrity

  • Customer-First

  • Accountability

  • Respect

  • Excellence

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