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ClarusONE Sourcing Services 

ClarusONE Sourcing Services provides strategic pharmaceutical sourcing services for both McKesson Corporation and Walmart Inc. building on the 25-year history of the two companies working together.  ClarusONE Sourcing Services ensures both companies have access to the right generic pharmaceuticals to meet customer demand at a market competitive cost.

How We Work

Brainstorming Session

A strategic approach to sourcing built on established relationships with pharmaceutical suppliers.

• One point of contact for our
• Transparency in evaluation and supplier selection
• Development and execution of
innovative data-driven sourcing
• Consolidated demand forecasting

What We Bring

Business Meeting

Best-in-class sourcing tools and techniques for the key challenges that our members face.

• Decades of expertise in the pharmaceutical industry 
• A comprehensive portfolio of services including real time product forecasting and analysis
• Operational excellence resulting in reliability, and a reduction in supply disruption
• Optimised market share and profitability

Our Business Model

Business Handshake

Forming new supplier relationships
based on our expert industry knowledge to meet member specific needs.

• Consolidated agreements to satisfy the
largest market channels
• Established operational know-how
• Agile, consistent and customer-focused 

•Talent trained to build relationships by understanding each supplier's unique needs

Our Mission

ClarusONE Sourcing Services' mission is to improve the health of people through responsible, best-in-class sourcing services at reduced costs to our members and their customers.  We provide strategic services that allow McKesson Corporation and Walmart Inc., to jointly source generic pharmaceuticals with the aim of driving efficiencies while also adding scale and value for the members, suppliers, customers and patients.

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The new sourcing agreement leverages McKesson’s demonstrated strength and expertise in the global pharmaceutical industry and Walmart’s proven commitment to delivering leading health and wellness services at an everyday low price to its customers.



ClarusONE Sourcing Services provides strategic pharmaceutical sourcing services for both McKesson Corporation and Walmart Inc. building on the longstanding relationship of the two companies. ClarusONE Sourcing Services  also ensures that both members have access to appropriate generic pharmaceuticals products to meet customer demand at competitive prices.

Industrial Building


At ClarusONE Sourcing Services we know that the quality of generic drugs is crucial to achieving better health for our communities. That’s why we work with suppliers all over the world to help caregivers, facilities and patients get the products they need, when they need them.



We know our competitive advantage isn’t just about financial performance. It’s about the quality of our people. Our individual and collective passion, perspectives, intelligence and sense of purpose drive our business forward, and shape the future of healthcare.

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